Design the right heat sink for your application

The HeatSinkCalculator is the perfect software tool for engineers and designers to quickly and easily design and analyze a heat sink.
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Used by companies around the world

Get to your final design faster

Iterate though multiple heat sink design analyses in a few minutes to find the best design for your application and avoid building multiple costly prototypes

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Effortlessly find your optimum design

No need to guess what heat sink dimensions produce the lowest temperature design. The calculator will automatically determine them for you.

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You don't need to be a thermal expert

Simple and straight forward inputs make it easy to run your analysis. Enter your heat sink dimensions, power(heat) source values and flow conditions, and immediately get results.

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Quickly determine the best cooling method for your design

Analyze natural convection cooled heat sinks in multiple orientations for your application. Are you using a fan for high power components? Evaluate the fan cooled heat sink's performance by entering the fan curve data points. Select among impinging, ducted and bypass flow based on your application.